Friday, January 28, 2011

Tea Party Project

Don't overlook the Christmas section at thrift stores. Even though the holidays are over....and boy do we see the results of that on our body can find great project starters right in the seasonal sections of stores!

Of course in January these items are on HUGE discount depending on the store.
I found a snowman box that was in an ivory color- my favorite neurtral tone for crafting!
I didn't even have to paint this piece, I simply used card stock and cut it in the rectangle shape to cover up the Christmas scene.

I used decorative scissors to get the wavy effect on the purple cardsotkc.

ALWAYS LAYER CARDSTOCK PAPERS! It gives it a nice depth and works just like matting a picture you own in a frame. Much classier look.

Next, a great effect that I highly reccomend in all my projects is coloring the edges of a project.
This time I chose purple ink from a stamp pad and as you can see I lighty ran and dabbed it all along the edges of the box.

I wripped out paper from a French novel for the sides of the box. Always rip each side of the paper to give it a fun addition for a vintage look. My favorite part is the Paris mailing stamp I bought in a pack of four from Michaels that I added in black ink to the corner.
I love collaging these things all together for an eye catching ending.

Now I'm going to add tea bags to the box and set it on the table when entertaining.

Christmas to vintage year round piece: CHECK!

Happy crafting!



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