Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Teaching and a great dollar idea

I came up with this idea a few months ago during a craft show. Found a dollar stack of cute styled playing cards for a buck at Michaels and went from there:

I punched a hole on one side of the card and tied a little string, or you can use ribbon inside of it.
On the other side, the design choices included this animal print.
I cut card stock and stamped TO and FROM and modged podged it on.

People at the fair LOVED them and if you think about the cost....52 cards for a dollar, you can sell them for real cheap and still get the cost back to you fast.

People at craft shows love a little area to rummage through and this was my caddy of epherma and magnets and gift tags that you can see our project in!

Teaching........I've been contemplating getting a second masters in teaching. An MTA, masters in teaching arts. I want to get a vocal pedagogy degree but those are hard to find in Georgia.
Early education is what I want to focus on.
Combining both my degree in music and a degree in education could propel me to be a great elementary music teacher I believe.

You think I should pursue an entire second masters or is there any easier path to become a certified teacher?


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Jewelry box upcycled

I am on a roll with finding little boxes, even old chocolate boxes that I find at thrift stores and transform and clean into jewelry boxes.

What girl doesn't need a few more places to put all those earrings?


This box had a big cutsey butterfly on it that I painted over with red.
It was under a dollar at the thrift store!

Then I started my collaging with pictures out of a french book that I have been cutting up that was $4

I added ribbon in purple to outside of the box to give it a little pop.
Some of the accents I used were a fleur de lis punch, a rip out from a French text, a stamp that looked like it is from a vintage post office stamp and some puff paint.

Here is close up of the vintage French movie poster I used to the top.

At the bottom of the jewelry box I added another effect of using a purple ink pad and lightly rubbing it all along the edge of the box.

I hope you like the project. I have been priming more jewelry boxes that are on it's way that I can't wait to share. If you like one don't hesitate to message me for how you can order!