Sunday, October 17, 2010

Voice lessons!

With six students now in my studio, I am excited to announce that we are going to be having a winter recital! I have students from age seven to seventeen and enjoy teaching each and every one of them.

We work on pieces including: Sebben crudele, Silent Noon and even Zipah dee doo dah! Is that even spelt correctly?

Voice lessons include not only repetoire learning and technique building that suits the age of the student but also Italian, French or German diction that the student chooses to focus on and even vocabulary learning. Music theory reviews always start our lessons so that the student don't only learn their new songs with their ears but also by discovering how to read music if they don't already. For my begginner students I have now start teaching elementary piano and music appreciation to help expand the student's overall music knowledge.

If your child is interested in having music lessons in your home or in my studio in that Atlanta, Ga area, please email me. Lessons are most commonly an hour and cost $40, although depending on schedules and the student's needs, thirty minute lessons are also available for $20. We do not sing the entire time because I do not want to stress the voice, remember that ten or twenty minutes of the lesson is dedicated to music and language education.

I am excited to discuss your and your child's goals in starting to study music or continuing your music education together!

Mention my blog post and recieve $10 off a full lesson!

Brava to all of my current talented students: Lena, Gwen, Julia, Laura, Larissa and Nell