Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ignite the light

Cause baby you're a firework!

Made my first etsy sale and am feeling on top of the world. My twitter page is slowly but surely going up in followers, people I don't even know personally! I also started up a flickr account.

Because of twitter I have been following some great crafters that I would love to spread the word about:

Each of these crafters use upcycled materials like myself

This house I created this week uses a reproduction of a royal young boy with splattered paint, stamping, paint pens, puff paint and marker.

I call it home is where the heart is. I even put the little bushes on the front with golden sequins. The door is behing the boy with green sparkle pen.

The whole piece is on an upcycled wooden house ornament held up with a piece or rugged looking string.

It is currently up for sale on etsy:

This weekend my aunt Nina came into town who I lived with when I was younger. We have a great bond and her daughter, Lucia, is my closest cousin as we are about the same age too. Nina and I are both crafty, her a quilter, I a collager I guess you would say.

As we talked our creative minds churned and we came up with the idea that all of us in my generation are in a sort of transitional phase. We should all join together and put our talents in one pool to create a sort of hybrid art store, cafe, teaching center, upcycled retail store.
I think that that was an incredible idea....but how?How do people even start their own businesses?  What would I call it? Would my cousins and siblings be good business partners?
I think about little things in a store/cafe like that. Having designer clothes that we upcycle from thrift stores....picking out my favorite local art from people applying to display in my store....having opening galas....sales......making cappuccino....i could go on and on.

Maybe I need to find people with money for investing first. Yea.



Well first of all congrats on your first sale! That's wonderful! I love that Katie Perry song. :) Your newest piece is wonderful, I love the vintage mixed in with bold colors and choices. Wishing you continued success! (and thanks for the mention, you are so sweet! I'll be back. :D)


Congrats on your first sale!!! I just made my first sale too - isn't it the best feeling? Just stopping by from Etsy, I saw you were part of the Etsy Paper team too :)

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