Monday, July 5, 2010

The eve of 23

It has been a good few months since taking time for my blog but I am now going to do this. Since that post, I have been dumped by the guy in that first post because the depression was too hard on him. He told me he could never marry me so there's no point in dating me.

Some of the reasons you may ask?

Because of I have student loans, because I am majoring in opera and that is not a reliable occupational field, we do not have enough similar interests because he does not like opera, because I have depression and might have another episode again in the future and it will affect our children, because I won't be able to buy a house with him within the next five years because of my student loan repayments and most likely lack of jobs.
Obviously, I was devastated.

Feel free to let this bastard know what an awful person he is for abandoning his best friend and girl when she was down on her luck. I try to do it when I remember. Strange that he was holding hands with me at the NAMI walk in that first post, and then a few short months later he was calling me "fucking crazy" and saying the breakup was "your fucking depression's" fault. Yay for destigmatizing mental health illness and care!

Now, on the eve of my 23rd birthday here in Atlanta, Georgia where I travelled to in order to get better and relax the burden of my depression on that certain someone up north, I sit here alone typing, yet not tragically unhappy. Yet, I would say I am not happy entirely.

My kitten Amira Cam, princess of the sun in Arabic, runs around my computer area and the only cuts on my body are from her.

I had an awesome fourth of July. I actually invited people over and was social and really enjoyed myself. Here's to Lauren and David who spent the lovely evening with me decorating a cake and playing with sparklers!

I am reboosting this advice and dialogue area of my blog. Positivity.


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