Sunday, July 11, 2010

No longer Sex and the City

Young women these days want more than sex and the city. We grow with each generation because of oppurtunities and leaps in culture and society, thank god. We have EVOLVED! We do not sit around and long for Big or do the reverse and exploit sex and say "I'm in love with myself more than you."

The books I've dived into this summer are Add More -Ing to your Life by Gabrielle Bernstein and Tranquilista by Kimberly Wilson. Even on the back of the first book mentioned it says how this generation of twenty something young women are ready for something better, something new. And I am latching onto that idea like it's my job.

I'm a tranquilista- I am an entreprenuer in sassy heels yet I am down to earth, flexible and gently caring with my practice of yoga and meditation, finding peace and slowing down but ambitious to become even more productive than those around me.

A tranquilista to me, she is tranquil like the name implies but with the kick of is the -ista. The diva side. I am both smart and insightful to my inner needs and harmony among the things around me but am also outspoken and confident, knowing how to get those things I need and now.

How do you think you've evolved as part of this new radical generation change?
It's happening. This is not just some random girl's blog post. Read into it and you'll see, we are changing as a whole culture these days, we want better.

We deserve better.
I am not just Sex and the City anymore I am Love and the World.


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