Sunday, December 19, 2010


So I finally created an Etsy store! It's not really as easy as it seems. Each individual item I have created has to have a series of questions and summaries and pricing filled out about it. How do these people have stores with hundreds of items?!

How do I get people to buy is another huge question. There are hundreds of thousands of stores to compete with and I don't know the first thing about becoming more publicized. Have any opinions?

After the greeting cards took some slips against my partner during the winter selling season I have decided to charge into an individual and uniqe form of art that no one I know is pursuing: Altered mixed media art.

What is altered mixed media art you ask?

Taking things not normally used for art and repurposing them into something beautiful. Using all sorts of mixtures of art products for one single piece. Never having two of the same kind of pieces. Using vintage and old pieces and images for nostalgia and trend. Ready, ok!

I found a copy of Alice in Wonderland at a garage sale for super cheap and it was a JACKPOT! The images and illustrations inside are wild and people love that movie and story it is a hot book to have my hands on. I'm so excited. The jewelry box I created in the picture above was already favorited by a random customer on Etsy!

Wish me luck


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